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Retirement Plus usually offers a range of home reversion equity release plans to homeowners aged 65 and over. However, we are not able to take on new customers at present due to our allocated funds being exhausted. Please revisit this website from time-to-time to keep updated on the latest developments.


The information on this website is here to help you learn more about equity release and where you might go for independent, impartial financial advice and for specialist legal advice. There are also links to help you investigate further here.

Existing Customers

Please contact us if you have a query or need assistance concerning your plan, property maintenance or legal issues relating to your home. Or you may want to download a Welcome Brochure here if you have mislaid your own.

Equity Release Council
Please bear in mind To take advantage of any equity release product you will need to talk to your financial adviser, to your solicitor and, preferably, to your family. To understand the features and risks of an equity release product, ask your financial adviser for a personalised illustration.