About Equity Release Council

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Retirement Plus is a long-standing member of the Equity Release Council, formerly known as SHIP, the industry body setting standards for providers of equity release for over 20 years.

We, and all members, adhere to the strict standards set out in their code of conduct:

  1. Allows you to remain in your home for the rest of your life, provided the property is your main residence.
  2. You should be provided with fair, simple and complete presentations on your equity release plan. Our literature will clearly set out for you the benefits and limitations of the equity release plan together with your own obligations. All costs you will have to bear in setting up the plan as well as the tax implications, your position on moving house, to end the plan, and the effects on house values should also be explained.
  3. You have the right to move your plan to another property without any financial penalty.
  4. You can choose your own independent solicitor to carry out the legal work when you enter into an equity release plan. Prior to the completion of the plan, we will supply your solicitor with full details of the benefits you will receive. Your solicitor will sign an Equity Release Council certificate when they are satisfied that you fully understand the risks and benefits of the plan.
  5. The Equity Release Council certificate, signed by your solicitor will confirm that you are aware of the terms and implications of the plan and the impact that the plan will have on your estate after your death.
  6. The Equity Release Council no-negative equity guarantee means that you will never owe more than the value of your home and that no debt will ever be left to your estate after your death.

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